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Hear Me.... I Hear You

I hear you,
 Your chants of ample wealth and riches
Your will to be sober with the grim-faced paupers
I hear you

It is a fine gesture is it not?
The acute concern for African’s south to north
 I’ve heard of their great exploits in my lands
And my people are no less grateful for these aides
Click 2

But you have in the name of grants
Fraught our shores with incredulity
You hide behind care’s bark
And wipe your dusty feet in our capitals Click 3

Now my people are branded with vile names
My lands, how grand is now but samples
These places are centers for charity
And I wonder does it ever reach parity?  Click 4

Dignity integrity honor
My people have lost the lot of it
We be far from remission as now
Today and tomorrow as each day passes

I hear you, your bickers
And sarcastic mutters
Your funny whispers
And confabulations, I hear you

Our allegiance lies with our hearts
My people will not be servitudes to your tact
We know your stories too
Humble beginnings was all it took

Parade now yourselves in the circle of truth
Your hands are better off in your ambient
My people will need no more of your charity
Take your resource and give back our pride. Click here

I will speak now like the great orator
Round them up, their goodness and bid them away
We shall hope upon our will
And we shall live

If there comes ever a day where your people lack naught
Look not to us, for we shall be a step ahead in plenty
We shall live through the cold winters and hot summers
Through illness and diseases, we shall live

The day shall come, when our ode shall be sung
A day when we shall be a depraved country no more
On that day when tweets of harmony and strength synchs
I too shall say I hear you.  Click for more


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