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In My Feelings.... (State of Mind)

I'm in over my head and possibly out of my league.
I have become very cautious with my words, every sentence should make perfect sense, have the right rythm and sound intriguing to perfectly explain how I feel without being impulsive or becoming too pesty. Click 1

I'm not feeling it, but I know the feeling,
I'm not literally seeing it but I know how beautiful it is.
I can't hold it but I know it is the most tangible assets.
I've loved and still love you without a price tag. So it's not that I love you but I am in love with you.
We're not all expressive, some say it as it is while others don't. Click 2

Well I've already accepted to not give up, to be there when there's nothing to make me remain and at the same time remain committed to you because I believe that someday you'll not just see how much I love you or feel it but I'll see it from you when am down and just the sight of it will make my heart plunder deep into tears of joy and ecs…


It was a cold and fine evening; the children are
 soon gathered around the fire place for yet another ‘moonlight tales’ (so it was called).
 It was the favorite bit of their day. Despite
 the countless playful ideas that has conveniently occupied their entire schedules; nothing could out-match the moon-light tales.

 ‘Mma’, was the story teller. She is an average height,
 dark complexioned lady, in her late forties. Mma had an elegant look, from which one could tell that she
 had lived not only a grand life, but also an
 adventurous one.   Click this

She was married to Mr. Philip, who is otherwise meager
 in height and with a stern look. 
He was more light-hearted than his looks implied. 
However, only the few who knew him well had a pleasant rapport with him. Unlike his wife, Mr. Philip was reserved and made loose acquaintances with the children. 

Occasionally, when he ensues to make an impression on children, it ends in a fatal fiasco.
Click Otherwise, on his lucky days he would make a fool out o…