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Happy New Year lovelies, It’s 4:28am in the morning, not feeling sleepy at all,  well actually, it’s been happening for sometime now, my sleeping schedule/Routine or should I say pattern changed all of a sudden, I sleep or feel more sleepy during the day and then up and running at night.

For a long time, like a few months ago I came across thisapplication called “Dreame” is a story / Novel app, I read from my Play book all the time but then I also read from wattpad too, trust me I love the books and stories there, on wattpad I feel in love with the story tittles My little mate, mute story

What are you? By Lourdes the torture, Even though am not still done reading, it’s quite interesting to read trust me. Am not much of a novel or story reader,  so when I see one that attracts me I go for it and so am currently reading two novels from different apps, I know it’s funny but the thing is, I read based on my moods.

On my Play book, which is on the play store,  am currently reading Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, I love reading it because it gives you a real view of what Nigeria use to be in the early 19s. stories

I guess because as I read through I get this resemblance of what my parents, uncles or auntie had told me about the country when I was much younger
 and of course the history subject which was taught during secondary school/ high school days shades more light on what the story describes and what it was all about, it had lots and lot of humour Trust me, I literally smile or laugh out loud while reading. .i haven’t finish yet so I will keep reading till the end and give you my over all review on it.
On the Watt pad application, am reading My little mate, What are you? By Lourdes the torture, well this story is a lot different from Purple Hibiscus, it’s all about vampires, fox, wolf, and all of that, and that why it more intense while I read, 

there is humour but it’s filled with suspense, action, love, alpha and that things of that sort but once you start reading, it’s hard to let go, you find it difficult to go do your other activities, it’s captivating. inspire me

Now I stopped reading and did more of watching movies but since I found out about Dreame it’s different because of the ratings and views you get to see, ratings people have given and some comments, which gives you an idea on what how intriguing the Story will be , so it’s exciting as you read, each book applications so far are special... 

You should download and tell me what you think too, even if you are not a story reader like me, just try reading through the first to three pages of the story and you don’t find something attractive enough you can go through other stories,  and if you need my help on recommendations on stories in any of the apps I have given so far, please do let me know. And of course, it's free

I have other apps but I haven’t click through yet, but will soonest, below I will give a screen shoot of my E-books Folder on my phone, It’s a New Year indeed, let’s spice things up a little this year shall we?

Justychidd clicking through please


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