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Justychidd is 1(one)

Happy new month guys

It’s been great with you guys all the way,
Its official, JUSTYCHIDIDY'S BLOG is One ,it's been a year since I started blogging, am glad you are stalking me, keep it up, I must confess I enjoy it, continue.

 Guys I really do appreciate the effort you take dropping by, visiting and reading my posts, you also drop remarkable comments and I feel grateful,thankful and happy to see those comments, I pray that you get your heart desires. Mute2

For today’s post am going to be encouraging you, I just want you to know that Our greatest weakness lies in giving up, yes dear, its true

It’s the beginning of the month and if you haven’t started saving, its not too late

If you haven’t started any of the to-do-list you have stated , its not too late

If you haven’t started morning or night devotion, its still not too late

If you haven’t started taking out time to read news, books, article anything educative in a day ,it’s still not too late

If you haven’t started putting yourself first , its still not too late Anniversary

If you haven’t started putting effort in your business, work, job, talent, career, in all you ought to put in effort to do, its still not too late to begin

If you haven’t started making good decisions because you care less or you don’t take time to sit and reason or ask questions and even make research, enquire about stuff before you engage in them, its still not to late to begin afresh or make amends, these things go a long way in our life even more than we think it doesn’t.  Love?

If you haven’t started surprising yourself positively often enough, its still not too late to do that

Help yourself, help your friends and family, physically, spiritually, psychologically, academically etc in any aspect you can, a little help won’t hurt.   Letting go

Work, read, rest, help, be good, we are humans so it’s okay to forget, to make mistakes, to get hurt or not be perfect, it’s always about improving yourself each day, as for me I go with my slogan “baby steps”   Ti.e is of essence

To rest is important very necessary, as you try to work hard and do the best or be the best in all that you do, you should still remember that health is of essence and must be treated with care too

If you haven’t started speaking out for yourself, coz you are shy, you can’t speak for yourself, learn it, practice, it’s still not too late

Law student reality
If you haven’t started saying No when you ought to say No but instead you say Yes, or vice versa, its still not too late to take a chance and make amend or to change , to turn a new leaf.

To do what’s best for yourself, to do what makes you happy, make yourself better, make yourself useful, make yourself fit, healthy and all the good things you can think of.

It will be tiring, uncomfortable, you will have to take risk and forfeit some things too but they are worth it right?

Nothing good comes easy and if it does then good for you but don’t waste you, you are so precious nor your time, be useful to yourself and the people around you too
To do list

Life is a journey, many miles away from your destination, many obstacles on the road, if you are afraid to start, you will remain where you have been, if you start your journey on time, you would definitely reach on time. So the more you delay, the more your life success delays. Music cover

Life is like a tree, with many branches. The choices you make takes you to a different destination, the destination may be fruitful or barren but it’s left for you to take another direction. Wrong philosoph

Life is a like riding a bicycle, the more you ride, the more you get tired and when you get used to riding the bicycle, it starts to be fun, sweet and enjoyable and it would take you places and then you won’t remember the early days it used to be hard.  Being good

Food for thought: Amancio Ortega the owner of Zara officially started zara at the age of 40, at his early 60, he became the second richest man in the world. At the age of 40, some of us world have given up, or decided to take another path.  Humanity

But remember, giving up is never an option and starting again it not too late.

It’s never too late to start again. You can’t be perfect but you can be the best and better everyday.   Don't look down on yourself

Thanks guys am grateful


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