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MUTE (Here is a story)

A makeup artist whose sole means of communication is only through written words goes by the name Melissa, She is a natural entrepreneur who possesses what Joe Robinson says are the seven traits of successful entrepreneurs: tenacity, passion, tolerance of ambiguity, vision, self-belief, flexibility and defying conventional wisdom.

The simplest way to describe a black woman is that she is a complex and intricate being. She is light brownish in complexion, curvy, tall with curly hair, she is beautiful regardless. She had a sculpted figure. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. Her enticing, constellation-blue eyes that gaze and her puffy, heart-shaped lips.

A Love Story difference

She was on her way to the house like every other day, she stepped out of her vehicle and press the key to lock it as she made her way inside the house. As she came into the living room she saw the beautiful brown dress placed on the sofa with a big cardboard paper written “what do you think? “ she admired the dress but it doesn't look satisfying enough and so she went into the room and got another wine beautifully beaded dress and placed it beside the other brown dress as she placed a cardboard paper written on it “yes" on the wine beaded beautiful dress and a “No” placed on the brown dress then she smiled and went into the room.

The next day as she was about leaving for work, she went to the other room where her friend La-Kesh was laying down sleeping as she received a text from her customer Mrs. Betty “when will you be at the office dear? “ “am on my way ma“ her friend was still fast asleep as she looked at her and smiled, she quickly took a book and penned down “Good morning dear, I am off to work, see you at the studio” she placed it on the bed and left for work.


Eddy came out of his car feeling confused as he saw Melissa making funny signs at him, he quickly rebuked her and asked her to stay away from him that he has no money, she insisted and followed him as she struggled to find a pen in her bag in other to write to him but Eddy couldn't take it “ what is this ?” “Don’t even go there? come on, how can a fine girl like you be begging” she found the pen and book as she kept following him so as to straighten things with him but he was in a hast “Get a life girl, you deserve better" as he walked away, Melissa was so sad that he couldn't even wait to hear her out as she watched him go she pointed at her car which was parked behind his, she was just about to leave when he parked his car in front of hers, she was so sad that she just had to wait and left after he drove off.

When she got home she couldn't wait to tell her friend what happened to her today, as she got home she was on a call sitting on the sofa as she sat next to her patiently waiting for her to finish the call
Law Student Story

La-Kesh: (still on the phone) Not to worry dear, am going to talk to Melissa and trust me you won't regret it dear, Lisa does this thing like magic, hmmm, come on, well maybe you guys can talk about the price later, but am sure money won't be a problem okay? Okay (she stopped talking for few minutes as she started talking and started laughing again ) okay then dear, talk to you later okay? Bye.

For the Love of Humility

She still had the smile to her face as she turned to Lisa and saw her sad face, she moved closer to her to know what happened.

La-Kesh: what seems to be the problem dear? Why the sad face?
(she looked at her and then grabbed her bag to get her book and pen as she wrote on it )

Melissa: A young man today called me a beggar, I was trying to talk to him.           Become that good

La-Kesh: come on, that shouldn't be a problem dear, you know you are not, he was probably confused or in a hurry or whatever but my dear you are not a beggar, you are an amazing Makeup artist and your work speaks for itself you know? cheer up ( she smiled at her, touched her cheek so that she could cheer up, Lisa started smiling and using her hand to tape her chest as she smiled and gave a sign for La-Kesh to continue the sweet words and praises.

La-Kesh: you are hardworking, beautiful, amazing strong but definitely not a beggar sweetheart. (Lissa started smiling as she loved what Kesh was doing) so you love it when you get praised? Funny girl (she started laughing, they both were happy) but seriously dear, don't let people like him get to you, they are not worth it okay? (Lissa nodded her head in affirmation, smiling too)     No Leg

La-Kesh is Lissa friend, they have been roommates for years now, she is a nurse, she has a boyfriend that she never jokes with. She loves to gist a lot while Lissa just listens, smiles or cries sometimes or at times they gist all through the night while Lissa writes her replies and the gist keeps going. They loved and understood each other.  Action words

La-Lesh: am off to the clinic dear, we will see later (she stood up from the chair and kissed her on her forehead with a cute smile) be good okay?
Lissa smile and nodded.

The next day she went to her studio where she makes up for her clients,  she did her job on a clients face and she loved it.

A Client: aww...I love this, thank you
click, please

Lissa: (she took her card which already had a print on it written “ you like it?” and showed it to the lady)

A Client: what? Of coz I do, oh my, is this really me? ( she keeps staring at her face in the mirror, she loved the makeup on her for sure) (Lissa kept smiling and staring at her too)
After staring at the Makeup on her face for a few seconds, the lady reached out for her beg and paid her.    Purple Fiction

A Client: Remember the lady I told you about earlier? ( Lissa nodded in an affirmation) she will be coming later okay?  thank you. Bye
( she stood up to go as Lissa carefully counted the money and then waved goodbye at the lady).

Lissa sat on a chair at the studio as she watched makeup tutorials on YouTube when clients are unavailable she watches tutorials to learn more tricks on makeups. Then her phone buzzed, she dropped the iPad and pick up her phone to read the text that just came in.    DV part 1

La-Lesh: hey babes, whatsapp? (chatting)

Lissa: Studying (smiling)

La-Kesh: Am getting some snacks and fried fish, you want some?

Lissa: (smiling still) yes I want, hope you will be home early today?

La-Lesh: Am on duty tonight but I will swing by the studio to give you the snacks okay?

Lissa: hmmmm....duty indeed, or are you going to see....( she still smiles as she knew kesh normally visit her boyfriend and calls it duty too)

La-Kesh: No am not,  speaking of action, it’s been a minute

Lissa: in my own case, it’s been forever         DV prt2

(To be continued)

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