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MUTE 2(here is a story)

    La-Kesh: you will die a virgin, lol

In love with no leg
Lissa:With all pleasure (smiling more)

Kesh: Am sure, you are not serious? Am on my way now, see you soon.

(she dropped her phone as she continued to watch the tutorials on her iPad )

 Mrs Betty, her ever loving and beautiful client was already there waiting for her, she always comes to Melissa's studio to do her makeup whenever she was to attend an event or any other occasion.

She has come as usual to makeup, they are both starring at the mirror as lissa makes her up, she finally finished.

Mrs Betty: (smiling) awww, this young lady you have done it again, you have turned me to a beautiful lady again, my head tie suit this makeup. I love you for this    Mute1 (here is a story)

Lissa reached out for the printed cards where its already written “do you like this? What do you think?

Mrs Betty: is there anything you do to my face that I do not like? my dear, I love this so much, thanks

Melissa: (she kept smiling at Mrs Betty)

Mrs Betty: (after looking at the mirror and adjusting her head tie, she looked at lissa)

how about you come with me this time, on Friday there is an event, please come.   Anniversary

(Lissa quickly got her book and wrote down) " am busy on Friday” (then she showed Mrs Betty and looked at her, giving a face of disappointment. Mrs Betty read it and laughed.)
 Love is an action words

Mrs Betty: you are funny, Don’t you think, your Friday's should be more of dates than just sleeping at home?
(Lissa smiled and wrote down in her book “ am a busy person ma" Mrs Betty looked at her and started laughing ) my dear I know but you should also make yourself available,  make time for yourself and make time for men too, hmmmm (lissa couldn't control it, she opened her eyes and mouth wide still smiling, there wasn’t a sound but you could tell she was laughing hard in her own way).


as she was still talking there was someone Honking car outside the studio, it seems it’s for her, when Mrs betty heard it she quickly reached out for her hand bag and paid lissa.)
 Least I forget , you remember Mrs Tega? (Lissa nodded her head) she will be coming this weekend, her daughter is getting married, am so happy, dont forget to give her discount okay?
( lissa smile and nodded) the car kept honking , it drew both attention, lissa looked outside to see the car making such noise continuously.

All about Time
Mrs Betty: (she looked outside and looked back at lissa) dont mind him, always in a hurry, I will be on my way dear, do take care okay. ( she grabbed her bag in a hurry as she put her phone and purse inside her bag, she stood up walking to the door In a hurry as she turned to Lissa) I will be coming on Friday, bye?

Lissa smiled as she watched Mrs Betty go, Mrs Betty driver had opened the front sit door for her to come in but she angrily shut it and opened the back sit by herself and went in as the car drove off, lissa smiled and turned to her table to arrange the place as she saw Mrs Betty's ring on the table, she quickly took her phone and texted her

 “ hello ma, you forgot your ring" then she dropped the phone and continued clearing the place, when she was done she reached out for her iPad to watch makeup tutorials on youtube, as she was watching, a young man walked into the studio and walked close to her. Law student story

Man: Hello, one of your clients Mrs Betty left a piece of jewellery and has asked me to pick it up for her please.

Lissa looked at him, as she thought to her self, this was the guy that called me a beggar the other day, what is he doing here. after listening to what he said she looked at him, eyeing him as she pick up her phone and texted Mrs Betty “please ma, Did you send anyone to pick your jewellery ?”      Marriage

Man: He...lllo oo..., am talking to you? ( he kept looking at her wondering why she wouldn’t say anything to him.

Mrs Betty replied “ oh yes ,I sent my son to collect it" she read the text and then brought out the ring and gave it to him.

Man: Oh really? Was that so hard for you han? ( he looked at her as he was angry and confused wondering why she was being so rude to him)

He took the ring from her and made as he was leaving she eyed him and hissed. Then he turned back at her, surprised.   Music cover

Man: what was that for? Whats your problem? Do I know you han?

She looked at him in anger as she lifted her hand pointed at the door instructing him to leave the studio.

Man: woow, this is very noble, so this is how you treat your customers as you do business,  how do you expect to get customers like this hun? If you are such a....

(Lisa shakes her head, pointing her finger at the door, she just wanted him to go, to leave her studio and stop talking, she gave him a strong  face and her hands or finger still pointing at the door.) hmmm, its all right am leaving, after all its your studio and i don’t blame you, ( he said that as he made his way outside, leaving the studio angry, 

    Wrong philosophy 
lissa was angry too ,she just kept staring at him with her fingers still pointing at the door, as she watched him leave the studio.
Later that evening, Kash stopped by the studio and they started gisting on what happened earlier.

La-kash: so you told him to leave, OMG, I love that, I can imagine how his face must have looked like,what did he say?

 (Lissa started acting, showing her a face of anger to Kash showing her how he must have felt) jezz, he was angry, hahaha, that’s good for him oooo, am still wondering how that lovely lady gave birth to such arrogant man.    Be Good

(lissa was just nodding and showing mixed feelings throughout the conversation)

Anyways, let’s go home,he deserved it, good one dear, I never knew you could do that though.

(They both entered the car and drove off)
The next day

Mrs Betty: (she is on her way to party as usual, Lissa has just finished making her up at home, as they both left the house, Mrs Betty is on a phone call, talking to her son)

So where are you ? Am done with my make up,(she paused a while and then continued talking) you have started again? (after few minutes she hangs up the call as she smiled at Lissa by her side, they both stood out side the house waiting for her son to come pick her up). Humanity 

Can I be forward? (Lissa smiled and nodded ) I want to introduce you to someone (lissa gave the shy look as Mrs Betty smiled back at her) he is a nice man and he will take good care of you, I know him very well so you don’t have to worry, he is caring and am sure you will like him.

 (the son drove in, in a red spot car right in front of them, she looked at the car and frowned her face and looked back at Mrs Betty) you mean him? No dear, I  don’t mean him, am not referring to him okay, this young man is my son and he is not even a serious person, the persons am talking about is my young cousin, he has a good job and a big house, am sure you will love him, i cant give you my son ,he is very unpredictable and not even ready to settle so don’t worry yourself okay? Just think about it and consider it too. Don't look down on yourself

(Lissa smiled and nodded as she listened to her talk, the son stopped and then honked at her to come into the car but she kept talking to Lissa about the person she wanted to introduce her too, 

then she turned to her son) I am coming, am right in front of you, you dont need to make noise, (then she turned to Lissa again) my dear,I will leave now before he starts to complain that I make him a driver and also delay, we will see later okay?

 (She smiled and nodded at Mrs Betty, bidding her good bye, while she head home,as she passed by the car she rolled her eyes at him and passed, Mrs Betty’s son did the same as the mother entered the car and started complaining) 

Better learn to be patient, you are always in a hurry.      To do list tips

Son: but mum, these parties are becoming tiring, am busy and you know it.( he talked to the mum about how he feels)

Mrs Betty: really? So am disturbing you now? Thats how you want to put it, you always want to drive me there because of the business connection you end up getting and profitable, I always know about them, these parties benefits you as much as it does to me and I get to have fun and enjoy myself. You know what? Just drive me already or you want me to use uber?

Son: No No No mum, I didn’t mean it that way, it’s okay ma please,am sorry

Mrs Betty: Mr Williams will be at this party and I plan to introduce you to him when we get there, make better use of it.     

  Letting go
Son: ( he smile, hailing his mum) woow,mum you are the best, thanks alot, I knew I could count on you, you know, I have alwayss wanted to have a one on one with Mr Williams, woow, thanks mum (smiling at his mums and adjusting her head tie and smiling at her) Oshe Baddest!! (It's an African way in vanacular to hail ) You are too much.

Mrs Betty: (looking confused) what do you mean by Baddest again?

Son: I mean you are too much, you are the best mum

Mrs Betty: Ooh I see, why not just say “you are the best" than saying all these, children of these days are really funny, you cant even speak to me or talk to me in proper English.     Dad's Love

Son: (cutting the joke and trying to be in a serious mood and tone) mum can I ask you something?

Mrs Betty: what?

Son: why do you patronise her, she is rude, snobbish and arrogant.

Mrs Betty: who? (She pursed to think who he was talking about, but then she remembers Lissa) but why? She is not what you say,why will you say that? That young lady is nothing compared to what you have just described or said, Melissa is a very humble and beautiful lady, she is very good, I love that girl.    A new start

Son: mummy, she is not like that oo

Mrs Betty: (she started looking at her son and smiling, trying to dictate what the problem may be) ooh dear, or have you tried to ask her out and she refused, I know that you have asked her out and she refused, ( she started laughing) now I know what your problem is

Son: me mummy? no oo, I didn't even talk to her, she is so rude, she is not even my type nor my speck oo.     Make a choice

Mrs Betty:  see you, she is not even your type, you are  not my type self oo, she is much more better than you, I will choose her and leave you self, you cant even keep a girl, you that I know, you can't change.
    Become who you want to be

To be continued...... Friends are?

Let life raise you


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