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Its Mum and Dad's Anniversary

Happy 26th Anniversary Mr and Mrs Ariguzo

Mum and Dad As children, we often take for granted the many years of love and care we received from you. In fact, many of these memories, of our lives, we may not even remember. The sleepless nights, the countless diaper changes, our first steps, our first words… you even taught us how to use a spoon! We won’t say that we never felt grateful or that we never said “thank you” or “we appreciate you”. But we did say those things. However, we haven’t always told you all the things we are grateful for. So, on this 18th wedding anniversary, on behalf of my siblings and I, we would like to share with you, some of the many things we are forever thankful for.

Dear Mom and Daddy,
Thank you for the big things…
Thank you for preparing beautiful, well-balanced meals for us every night.
Thank you for putting clothes on my back and creating a beautiful, loving home for us to live in.

Thank you for though It’s hard in today’s society to find a couple that has found a way to make it through the trying times and come out on the other side. But you two have shown me that it is possible, and I am so grateful for that reassurance.
You have taught me how to work for love. Things can’t be perfect all of the time. But you never give up on each other, and you never walk away. Thank you for teaching me

true love facts.

You trust each other. You are never jealous and you’re never selfish. Seeing the selfless love that you have between you is so beautiful and I love that you can put so much of yourself into the other’s hands without a single worry.
Thank you for showing me that with hard work, I can achieve anything. You both value the other’s career and support each other’s dreams and passions. You’ve done so much to keep our family safe and happy.
Thank you for teaching me. For teaching me how to walk, how to read, how to write, how to be patient.

Thank you for demonstrating that generosity is just as valuable when no one is watching.
Thank you for supporting me through college in more ways than one.
Thank you for helping me move into many different houses and apartments and for being excited for each new chapter of my life.
Thank you for being my biggest fan. Thank you for showing up and helping whenever we call.
Thank you for worrying about me every night when I was out with friends or haven't spoken to each other for days.
Thank you for being proud of me and for sharing my accomplishments with your friends.

Daddy, thank you for getting up every morning and working hard to support our family. Thank you for doing this with a smile and a happy heart.
Mom, thank you for being home for us so we never felt alone and had a mommy to come home to when we were sick and healthy. Thank you for preparing our breakfast,  lunches, and dinner every day with little love notes or prayer and for always being available to chaperone our field trips or excursion.

About my Dad

Thank you for the many little things…
Thank you for sitting in my room at night until I fell asleep after a bad dream, praying for me, encouragement and support.
Thank you for playing with me. For taking good care of me when ill for playing games with the family on holidays.
Thank you for telling me stories about your childhood, your family, and most of all, your crazy teenage adventures.
Thank you for helping me with my math homework and always proofreading my writing assignments.
Thank you for listening to my songs and watching homemade performances together.
Thank you for taking pictures and videos of me.
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for laughing with me during my happiest days.
Thank you for crying with me through my hardest days.
Thank you for loving me through all my days.
Thank you for all your effort in loving and supporting this family.
Thank you for loving each other
Thank you for living a real-life love story, showing us all that true love does exist.
Thank you for kissing each other when you arrive home.
Thank you for holding hands.
Thank you for dancing with each other at weddings.
Thank you for listening to each other.
Thank you for letting us know that marriage is a journey and no one is perfect.
Thank you for saying “I’m sorry”.
Thank you for saying “I love you.”
Most of all…
Thank you for instilling in us how important it is to remember who we are and where we came from. Thank you for giving us a “where we came from” that we are so proud of. Thank you for giving us a true sense of family. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. We are so blessed to have you as our mom and dad.

Love is an action word

I love you. Happy 26th anniversary.


Chi baby and siblings

letter to mum on her birthday


  1. Congratulations to you mom and dad. More Grace to be together in good health, sound mind, more love and finance

  2. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad. This is a beautiful tribute <3

  3. Wow Happy anniversary to these beautiful lovebirds iv know since I was less than 10.. God bless you people .. more glorious years ahead..


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