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Dear Nigeria

Letter to My Nigeria

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How are you today? I hope this letter meets you well. I am writing this to you from the corner of my bed as I try to express how I am feeling right now at this moment.
Firstly, I want you to know that I am truly happy that you are still standing strong despite being the storms and challenges you are facing.       Nigeria

Just like every other storm, we become better and stronger when we overcome them.
So I ask how long will you continue to face these storms and challenges? How long will your people feel trapped in the system?

How long are You going to keep us in the dark with packaged lies?How long do we wait till You are completely free?You have gained Independence for 58 years, yet it feels like there is no true freedom.Freedom feels like an illusion sometimes in this country.    law stories

You have the highest population of youths in the continent yet there is no Nigerian dream for them.
Over the period of last month, I have met several people in their 30's who can not boast of having a job. 
These hardworking men with good grades cannot get a decent job because they are a commoner in their mothers land. 
Somehow they still find a way to milk the best out of their terrible situation to always be happy.

Do you know why?
This is because they have blind faith in you. All because of the trust and belief in you.Too many depressed youths in the country trying so hard to survive. Desperate to be someone that along the line they lose focus and perspective.       Marriage tale

Let me share your story of a young and vibrant young man, he finished school with high grades from the sciences. After years of trying, his hopes of being a foremost scientist died. He, however, needed to survive so he just laid his hands on any kind of job he can get. Today he has termed a success because he now works in a bank after 8 years of not being able to get a job.

His dream to be a scientist died. Many Nigerian youths are out of school just to find any job that pays the bills.The Nigerian dream is fading away gradually from the hearts of many. We live in a country where the youths are about surviving.      

It is no news that all the sectors are corrupt and are not functioning efficiently. Very few Nigerians know the 911 emergency contact is functioning nor do they ever believe they will come to their aid when they are needed.
We live in a country where everyone is all about his or her own survival. It becomes hard to love your own neighbor as yourself.

This is a country where you can not depend on the government.
You are our home.
Wake up Nigeria!
Wake up!
For how long shall we wait?                             change this philosophy

For how long shall You watch our future get eroded?We would not give up on you even as the road gets rougher. We would still place our hope, our faith and our trust in you.

We have made a pledge to serve you with all our strength and to defend our unity.
No matter the challenges are thrown at us to break us we would still stand our ground.I have pledged to You to be faithful, loyal and honest which I intend to do till my dying day.                                being good yourself

You are my country
You are my pride.


  1. Most countries have an illusion of freedom but are not truly free, including my country, the USA. Corruption is the way of the world, ungodliness and God is judging us all the time. When the governments align with God, things will get better, but, sadly, I don't see that happening any time soon. I pray for those who love God and have no evil intentions, that God will preserve us on earth and then take us to Heaven. God bless you.

    1. Amen....oh julie! Such kind words, thanks for the comments, keep reading .thanks you


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