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Dear Nigeria

Letter to My Nigeria

How are you today? I hope this letter meets you well. I am writing this to you from the corner of my bed as I try to express how I am feeling right now at this moment. Firstly, I want you to know that I am truly happy that you are still standing strong despite being the storms and challenges you are facing.       Nigeria

Just like every other storm, we become better and stronger when we overcome them.
So I ask how long will you continue to face these storms and challenges? How long will your people feel trapped in the system?

How long are You going to keep us in the dark with packaged lies?How long do we wait till You are completely free?You have gained Independence for 58 years, yet it feels like there is no true freedom.Freedom feels like an illusion sometimes in this country.    law stories

You have the highest population of youths in the continent yet there is no Nigerian dream for them.
Over the period of last month, I have met several people in their 30's who c…

Happy Independence Nigeria