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Don't ever look down on yourself

" We can look up at people who outperform us and we can look down at people to whom we feel superior.  Whether we look up or peer down has critical implications for both our life satisfaction and our motivation.  love is an action word (verb)

Looking up makes us feel worse, but can motivate us to strive harder. Looking down makes us feel good, but can lead to complacency.  Thus, social comparisons have the potential to motivate us to perform better but feel worse. Or perform poorly and feel great.  letting go

In order to thrive in life, we need to find a balance between feeling good about ourselves while feeling motivated to perform well."  ~Adam Galinsky Do you agree? #courageoushuman 


To -Do-list Tips

Unable to focus & get things done? Always Forgetful?

 Here are a few things I do when I find myself unable to concentrate or focus during the day or forgetful and to boost my overall productivity and performance and ensure I am checking off the important tasks on my to-do list.   letting go

One thing I have learned about myself is that I forget a lot even to a fault if I should add but am working on it, in fact, that is why I always carry a small dairy everywhere. ...

I write down all the things am supposed to do that day and then I do it. dad

 1. I make sure I do one task at a time and finish it before I embark on a new one.

2. I have a priority list which I stick to, I eliminate all distractions and only have things open or around me that will contribute to me completing the task I am working on.

3. I always have a little reward to look forward to celebrate the tasks I complete - it does not matter how small or w…