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Letting Go

Letting Go Especially, when it comes to things you are used to doing,
It is always difficult because you ponder:- When did you start?
- How far have you come?
- What has it cost you?
You want to let go definitely but the courage is not there. The fear descends upon you suddenly you are caught between the choices.    law student
What will you do next?
Dodge the future or face it?
Step into courage or back away?
What about the outcome?  Unknown
How can you trust yourself and move on?
That's the thought and story that fills your head, That is okay dear, you are HUMAN, Embrace it.  ladies and gentlemen

One thing I've learned in life is that change is not easy, yet inevitable.
Change has to happen whether you want it or not We change to continue living,
What do you want to let go? The hurt, The regret & pain, The fear, The excuses, The unforgivable, The toxic emotions.

Letting go is not weak or a sign of vulnerability, but it is the courage to choose freedom above every other thing.
Change may be hard but remaining the same every day is too high a price to pay.   
Close your eyes & breathe. Open your eyes, think again.
Answer this question:
Has it cost you more than it has given you? If yes, let go.
Letting go takes a lot of courage, and is never easy at the beginning. 
Agree completely with yourself. Remaining in a bad place is even worse.

Check this out.

O. I


  1. thanks for sharing
    keep it up

  2. Your poem has so many emotions. Keep writing beautifully.

    1. Thanks, I do appreciate the fact that you really took your time to read and comment, I promise to keep writing

  3. Omg! Im crying😢.. This is beautiful

    1. No dear, no tears,you are strong, am glad it moved you, thanks for reading and commenting ,thank you

  4. Such a beautiful poem to read and I like the emotion you put into eat and I admit it makes me cry.

  5. Loved your poem! So important to let go! It's truly liberating!

    1. Yes it is, but a difficult task I must say, thanks for commenting I appreciate


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