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Love is an Action word, #Verb#

Gassama is the name of the man that rescued a four years old boy from falling to his death from the balcony of a tall building in Paris, France. Story: unrequited love 2

 He had gone to watch football in a restaurant near the building when he heard people shouting. Soon as he realized what was happening, he went straight ahead to save the boy. Watching the video, it was like a movie, he climbed the balconies from the first to the fourth floor like he was Spiderman.Story: unrequited love 1

 And before anyone could say 'Jackie Robinson' he saved the little child from falling. After the event, when he was interviewed he said, " I did what I did because I love children and I wouldn't want one to get hurt in front of me."Funny letter

Despite being an immigrant who was reportedly living in Paris illegally, Gassama came out of hiding to save the life of the little boy. His act of courage and kindness led him to meet the President and he was made a citizen of France. Letter to mum

 Never let your circumstance determine how you live your life. Live like there's more to life than what you're currently going through.
Domestic Violence
Finally, love is an action word. Don't just say you love someone, show them you love them If this piece brought you value.
Manners in children

By Samuel Akinniyi 


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