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Become the person you've been looking for

Become the person you`ve been looking for. A gist on domestic violence part 2

It is said: "Your capacity to love others is limited only by your capacity to love yourself. Anyone that knows me, knows I love poems, images, songs and words used to uplift and motivate. I found this video by Adam Roa, I think you should watch it, it truly touched me to the core of my soul.
As I go about teaching people how they can understand emotions and use them as tools to bring about change in their lives, I become aware of the inner-chatter humans listen to all day long. A gist on domestic violence part 1

Too often we don`t see or know ourselves. Too often we are not resilient enough to face things from outside Too often we are searching for something outside to fill or ease the pain of the void we feel We need to start treating ourselves with more compassion, practice more self-observation to course-correct and do the work - inner work - to become the person we want to be.
Appreciate yourself, Love yourself, Encourage yourself, See yourself Reach for help, Those fear, worries and anxiety will pass away. List of free site to read books, watch movies

The aches and pains will fade away, But you will always remain A beautiful heart, it is the best costume for the face, How beautiful is your heart?
Paint it more with love. Make yourself proud
Omozua Ameze I

(Her write-ups are very encouraging)


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Happy New year, am so glad we all made it.
This year, things are going to be a little different, spicy but not too spicy okay? there will be funny notes, stories, inspirational, interactive sessions and it goes on dear.     love?

For today, I want you all to be inspired and take charge of this year.


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