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Story : Unrequited Love Episode 2

On the 13th of February he asked me to come for dinner the next day, I  couldn’t help but feel that am his VAL, although he didn’t say so but I know so, and that night I prepared a sweet red and white maxi gown which I bought not long ago and I told my friends about it, girls as we are, we started planning on the outfit, makeup, shoes, things to say, things that ought not to be said and so on and so forth, I imagined him, pouring out his feelings about me, how he couldn’t hold it any longer and how he would never let me go, I rolled to the other side of my bed and smiled and waited for the tomorrow.To do list

The next day, I woke up very late for class, I was in a hurry that I couldn’t have my breakfast, I ran to school sweating like a poppy under the rain and when I got to school, the first lecture was almost over, I began scolding myself for coming late, and then when I was finally inside the class, the teacher asked me to sit in the second row ,it must have been because of my lack of coordination ,I sadly went there and sat, the next session was Tort and all I could hear from the teacher was Letting go“Damage........Damage.......Damage.....” that was all I could hear in my thought, why start today like this? why? (still scolding myself) still in my thought I noticed everyone was staring at me and before I got hold of myself, Mrs Sanna asked me to stand up and repeat all that she said about the topic Defamation, I was too shy not because I was asked of the topic but because am sitting in the front seat yet unable to answer the question, I looked at her still standing and shamefully said,” am so sorry mam my mind wasn’t here” sadly enough she came closer to me and said see me after this class. I nodded and sat back. Letting-go

Other teachers came and I was still instructed to stay in the same seat 
where I was bombarded with questions from different topics. Dads happy Father day

Finally, classes are over and I was still down, my friends noticed the forces on my face and tried to put me back on track, after gistings and laughing they saw me home and then I quickly cooked, ate and had my bath, then I did my assignment which Tort m'am gave me on the topic which says ‘Defamation’. I manage to get through with it and then slept off, while in bed I had a call, it was John Morris, I was surprised , I decided to check the time before I could pick the call which says 5:45 pm, I rushed out of the bed and reached to wash up once more, am supposes to be there by 5:00 pm, I was so tired but yet I can't cancel it, I have waited for this date all my life, not going there is like killing myself. A new start

At 6:25 pm I arrived at the mall where we were to meet and I waited downstairs for 3 minutes to calm myself down, the place we were to meet was on the third floor of a cafe, where we were to discuss and talk, getting there in a hurry he was sitting opposite a beautiful lady, I saw them staring at each other's eyes as though they were in love. Make your choice

I wanted to turn back but I couldn’t, I decided to go on, I got there, we exchanged greetings and then I sat down, I apologised for coming so late and it was accepted , they haven't ordered for food yet,we ordered for food and then John introduced her to me. Become who you desire

“Anita meet the lady I have always wanted to tell you about, Peace meet Anita”, we shook hands but I couldn't tell if I heard what he said correctly, I managed to smile and sat back unable to eat, I looked straight into his eyes and told him if I could talk to him privately, while I smiled at Peace to please allow me, she smiled back and nodded, which I could tell she had no problem with it, we went out and then tears rolled down my eyes, I couldn’t help it, and I told him how happy I was about the dinner,"I thought it was just for us, just you and me, well, I must go now, as I told him I suddenly had stomach pain so I must leave", then I asked him to pardon me, he asked about the tears and I told him it's because of the tummy pain and then as I was about leaving, he drew me back and asked, ”Anita what's the problem ?“ I cleaned my tears and said I am fine, he looked at me cleaned my tears and then I smiled and went back to the table where I met with Peace and told her how happy I was to see her but there was an emergency, she was surprised, I couldn't tell or explain to her and then I left.
In the lift, I couldn’t help but wonder what was so particular about today, in fact, I concluded today was the worst day ever, I got home and called my friends ,I called Vicky first and told her about it, she told me to brace myself and go on ,after much advice she told me to eat well and rest that we would see in school the next day, I couldn’t explain how I felt that day, so many things ran through my mind and I wonder if it was destined for everything to happen this way. Race out your fear

After few months I got over the incident but whenever I saw John I was very uneasy with him, and I tried my best to move on but I know that even till tomorrow if only he can realize this feeling and we work things out, I will forever want to be his lover. so, I shall wait for that fateful day he would ask me on a date and that he would love me back but not just as a friend and I would feel fulfilled that at least, he really got the feeling like I do and was ready to step up, I couldn't wait for the day to come where I would wear my yellow sweet gown and meet him, especially when the weather is usually cool at evening as a result of the winter season, and there I would tell him everything.

                                                       THE END

                                                           Written                                                             by Ariguzo justina c
                                                    © Ariguzo Justina

                                                        January 2015


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