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Hello readers,

 My friend and I decided to have lunch outside today .....when we got there the place was quit calm and peaceful ,
we happened to be the first customer and so we sat down while we waited for the menu,  Not too long the waitress came up to us to ask what we wanted.Manners in children

Waitress: Good afternoon , what will you be having ?

Me: hmmm....I will have Mix Noddles

My friend: the same thing she is having (with a smile)

Me:how long will it take please?

Waitress: 5 minutes tops (she smiled)

Me:okay ,please hurry am really hungry

(My friend tapped me on my hands and laughed)

My friend:calm down ,she already said 5mins tops ...chill  Less human


My friend: less I forget, how far have you gone on your blog, I visited and I find it interesting

ME:really? Thanks, its just something I do to spend quality time on, instead of Gossiping  ( we both laughed )
Anyway it's been interesting too for me because I never thought I could do it , I pray and hope to be very frequent on it and also get people's interest,  not just on Food, Stories but being aware about what Law is all about and what it can do for them.Justychidd is a year older

My friend :wow. ...looks like you have got everything figured out up there already?

Me:Not really, I just started, I have less than 50 Follower🙄🙄 lol

{While we were still talking,our food arrived and I started eating,  I noticed this young couples by my left eating and eyeing each other, the atmosphere in that area caught my attention and so I paused and watched them, my friend too noticed that I was watching them joined me and started asking me questions like} Mute 2

My friend: what do you think is going on?
Their faces are funny though  (she giggled)

As I watched , the man started pushing her backwards in a very bad manner...the lady kept quiet, he then talked and hit his hands on her head and after some time ,he stood up and hit the table and then sat back, by this time they have succeeded in getting everyone's attention, when he noticed this, he sat back, the lady bowed her head down staying quite while the man kept eating...I was so angry,  all that went through my mind was ,come one! we are at a public place, no matter what , why this? Why to this extent?
Mute 1

Am a lady too, I thought of the embarrassment and all that will be going through the lady's mind and to my suprise everyone said nothing, maybe they are like , it's not my business or let'sector all not mingle with their problem.

I was angry...I was sad....why this ? Why?....I waited for someone to say or even do something. response. Anniversary

I went to him and told him  "oga ...Mr Man ,You dont treat a woman like this in public, what you have just done was'nt called for, you should never hit a lady and for that you should apologise or face me, (he snobb me and continued eating while the lady headed to the washroom i guess)
 i took my helmet ,went a bit closer to his table and dropped my helmet on the guys food Hail

I watched his food poured to the ground while i waited a little to see it he would hit me or something ....he was so ashamed and did nothing as everyone watched us ... I took my helmet and left to the wash room where I met the lady ...I tried talking to her but she can't speak nor hear English
.I was so sad...I could only give her my hand towel and rub her back....when I came back to my sit my friend started Soup:Achi soup

My friend : you know you didn't have to do that right ?
Me: I know dear, what was I supposed to do? I just had to do something .

My people maybe what I did wasn't right ,I couldn't think of any better way to help a lady like me fight the's bad enough everyone seems to mind their business, Love?
Ladies in this situation please I beg you speak out and let the law take its course please


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